• Hexaglobe Group Joins Ultra HD Forum

  • Press release


The Hexaglobe Group, a rapidly expanding company in the OTT and Broadcast sectors, proudly announces its membership in the Ultra HD Forum, the leading global organization dedicated to promoting and adopting Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) technologies.

This strategic move represents a significant milestone for Hexaglobe Group as it continues to solidify its position in the global market, committed to providing exceptional visual experiences to its customers. By joining the Ultra HD Forum, Hexaglobe Group—through its entities BBright, SGT, and Hexaglobe—aims to enhance collaboration with other industry leaders to develop and promote superior standards for Ultra HD content.

“We are thrilled to join the Ultra HD Forum,” said Franck Coppola, CEO of Hexaglobe Group. “This membership underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and delivering state-of-the-art solutions that meet our customers’ growing demands for unparalleled visual experiences. BBright, a long-standing member of the Ultra HD Forum since 2015, joined the Hexaglobe Group at the beginning of 2024 and encouraged us to join this association at the group level.”

Yasser Syed, President of the Ultra HD Forum, said, “BBright have made invaluable contributions to the Ultra HD community over the years. We’re excited to have them rejoin with their parent company Hexaglobe to bring their FrenchTech expertise covering the entire video process from ingest to delivery.”

The Ultra HD Forum is a consortium of companies dedicated to advancing Ultra HD, including HDR (High Dynamic Range), WCG (Wide Color Gamut), and other related technologies. As a member, Hexaglobe Group will have access to a wealth of resources, expertise, and strategic partnerships. This membership will enable the three entities within the group to stay at the forefront of technological innovations in the Ultra HD field: BBright for contribution distribution, playout, and monitoring solutions; SGT for automation and MAM solutions; and Hexaglobe for its OTT streaming solutions and services.

  • About Hexaglobe Group

    Hexaglobe Group is a global leader in IT technology for the audiovisual sector, with over 150 million videos streamed daily on its various OTT platforms and broadcast automation software used by over 100 premium channels. The group's strategy aims to unify the OTT and broadcast workflows and thus create a transmedia strategy through three entities: BBright, SGT, and Hexaglobe. The group is recognized for its ability to quickly bring the latest innovations to market, pioneering spirit, and technological excellence.
  • About Ultra HD Forum

    Founded in 2015, the Ultra HD Forum accelerates Ultra HD adoption by establishing best practices for the future of television. The Forum is a crucible for interoperability testing and standard synchronization. For more information, please visit https://ultrahdforum.org or follow us on LinkedIn @UltraHDForum.