ELIA is our channel in a box TV playout solution, even more cost effective, and still offering playout automation, ingest, branding and media asset management features, in an all in one robust video server for disaster recovery, thematic's channel…

Integrating the latest technological evolutions like IP INs/OUTs, Elia comes with the brand new automation software PLAY for playout and the media asset management software FLOW.


Conscious of the need for the broadcasters to reduce constantly the operational costs while keeping a high quality level, we show with the ELIA range of SGT Channel in a Box TV playout solutions our know-how regarding reliability and flexibility which few systems can supply and nevertheless essential for a 24/7 operation.

ELIA is the very latest generation of Channel in a Box, a cost effective TV playout system offering playout automation, ingest, branding and media asset management features, in an all in one robust video server.

ELIA includes an off the shelf video server, with RAID redundant storage and expandability capability, in a low cost IT standard environment. Combined with the power of our brand new playout automation software PLAY along with FLOW software for acquisition and the preparation of the contents, both profiting from SGT’s long expertise, it is one of the most powerful & hassle free channel in a box in the market.

  • Play Client
    • Frame-accurate control of SD/HD channels
    • Playout and branding external live feeds
    • Import external playlists (CSV)*
    • Branding templates
    • Ad quota management*
    • Playout monitoring
    • As Run (CSV)*
  • Playout
    • Playout and record* SD/HD single or multiple* channels
    • Integrated mixer and automatic SD<>HD conversion
    • Synchronised record*
    • Control of external sub-titler & router*
    • Mixer PVW output*
    • Plug Ins VST (Normalisation, …)*
  • Branding
    • 4 layers for branding & DVE including logo, stills & animated pictures, RSS, video…
    • Live branding capability
    • Compatible Adobe Animated CC
    • HTML5 supported
  • Ingest*

    2 ingest channels SD/HD encoders for 2 external video live feeds acquisition

    • SDI
    • NDI, MPEG-TS
  • Flow client*
    • Video acquisition* & file ingest
    • Content checking*
    • External storage connection*
  • Sub-Titling*
    • OP-47 supported
    • Multilingual with .STL files
  • Interfaces*
    • On Air services
    • BXF
    • REST API
  • ELIA includes
    • The SD/HD video server
    • The branding engine
    • The storage
    • The PLAY and FLOW* software suite
    • Extend your system, thanks to the farming capabilitity of ELIA
  • Files Formats supported
    • Video: MXF, MOV, MPEG, TS, H264, MP4, XDCAM, HD50,...
    • Stills: PNG, JPG, JPEG2000, ...

  • Unique User eXperience

    Awarded by operators worldwide
  • Robust & powerful

    A proven eficiency from ingest to playout
  • Scalable & open

    Any devices, any services