VEDA Media Asset Management offers companies managing multimedia content a complete and customizable software solution for workflow and media management (MAM), from content acquisition to video archiving and distribution.

VEDA Media Asset Management solution

The award-winning VEDA Media Asset Management solution is designed to simplify complex video operations and enables organizations to adapt their workflows and manage their assets and tasks more efficiently through collaborative work.

The performance of VEDA Media Asset Management tools combined with the flexibility of a SOA-based architecture make VEDA the MAM platform of choice for improving productivity while reducing costs.

This solution is perfectly integrated with VEDA Automation, our broadcast TV automation, if you decide to use them together.

User friendly

  • Intuitive & customisable Graphic User Interface
  • Dedicated screen upon access rights for each user
  • Powerful search engine
  • Multimedia browsing
  • Advanced user rights management and LDAP interface for automatic user groups update

Ingest & import

  • Any source, any format: VTR, feed, file, external drives
  • Any type of content: video, audio, pictures, documents.

With advanced features, scheduling, loop, extraction,…


  • Technical and editorial validations manual or/and associated with automatic QC devices.
  • Report generation and workflows triggering: ingest , redo, content resizing, ...


Browse, find, and retrieve content quickly.

Supports rich metadata and multiple search, making it easy to find the exact media you’re looking for, no matter where the assets are stored.


Workflows Engine automates both back-office and user tasks as QC, conversion, media exchanges, transfers and more.

On the user side, it streamlines user workflows by providing a to do list opening the right MAM module and loading the relevant context.

VEDA includes a media business oriented graphical workflow designer to create, modify, instantiate workflows, allowing customer to modify its process by himself.


  • Enrich your content with support for multiple customizable fields of timecode-based metadata: display dialog, scene descriptions, thumbnails, tags (actor names, locations, emotions) and more.
  • Add information on your content as parental guidance, rights.
  • Customize the metadata layout and modify on the fly to make it works the way you want.
  • Interface your solution with web semantic applications for more metadata (option).


  • Create your playout or publishing versions and sequences for both linear and non linear distribution.
  • Add specific secondary events

Publish 360°

Prepare, transcode, repurpose and publish on VOD platform, social networks (Youtube, Facebook) and cloud (Azure Media Service).


Built on a centralised and fully secured database for an efficient collaborative work.


VEDA includes a set of supervision tools To supervise the VEDA back-office modules as well as the running worklows.


Through its Web Services, REST API and modular architecture, the VEDA software suite communicates with any third party systems, enterprises services buses and devices.


Built on a standard IT platform, which ensures upgradability and interoperability, VEDA can be customised to address any customer requirements.

  • Archive: FPDI, Scality, SGL
  • Enterprise Bus: RS2I
  • Semantic Bus: Perfect Memory
  • Devices: Harmonic, Grass Valley, VizRt, Orad, Imagine Communications, Evertz…
  • Technology: FIMS, SOAP
  • And many more !



Improve resource management



Create & monitor your workflows easily



Made for Broadcasters & Enterprises